What people are saying

Jenna, Australia

Cats are life... I feel the love you have for your cats and I'm all the way in Australia. You're all amazing. 

Anne, West Yorkshire

Gorgeous kitties and lovely owners that obviously adore their fur babies. Love seeing the updates and antics from them all.

Alexis, Maryland, USA

Great cat reviews and info! We love tuning in for the live streams and learning what's actually worth buying! 


They are cats. They are magnificent. 

They are cats. Rinse and repeat. 

Ursula, Chicago, USA

Beautiful cats with caring humans. Love the daily photos and videos that are always so entertaining but never imposing on the cats. 

Laurie, Wisconsin, USA

They express the true meaning 

of family and love. 

Jann, UK

If I were a cat I would want to live with your seven and have a wonderful life like they have. Thank you for being brilliant Cat people and sharing your cat family with us. 

Tina, Kentucky, USA

They put a smile on my face daily 

and love in my heart.

Tahar, Algeria

Your cats are adorable. I love them. Keep giving us a wonderful images of cats!

Lisa, London, UK

Stunning cats just watched them on 

Anne Robinson on BBC1. Looking 

forward to seeing them again.

Jo Ellen, Delaware, USA

The cats are obviously well taken 

care of and just adored. Sasha and 

Steven are such fun to listen to as they 

describe the antics of their furbabies! 

Tahreem, Pakistan

Above all I really admire the photographic skills of the Mags creator. It's a delight to see them daily brightening my page. Love u all!