catit circuit ball toy with grass planter

Grass with a twist from CatIt

Circuit Ball Toy with Scratch Pad

Fresh cut grass, an exciting circuit ball toy and a bonkers bouncy bee - all in one@!

  • Cardboard scratch pad
  • Exciting circuit ball toy
  • Crazy bouncy bee
  • Includes soil and seeds
  • Includes seeds

Price: £16.99 plus shipping (free shipping on prders over £20).



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The Magnificats' View

See our live video review tonight.

the catit circuit ball to with live grass

Cat-0n scratcher

Le Ver S scratcher from Cat-On

We're excited to have yet another personalised cat scratcher from our  friends in Germany.

Lovingly handmade using state-of-the-art technologies, cat-on manufacture beautiful cat furniture, scratching furniture and cat scratching posts made of high-quality corrugated cardboard in their Berlin factory. 

As experienced cat owners, they've found that cats love cardboard, paper and corrugated board and can spend a lot of time playing with it, sharpening their claws on the material or even sleeping on it. Cats have a natural and great preference for cardboard and packaging of all kinds.

Again and again they test their cat furniture and scratching posts on their own cats. All scratching posts are made of corrugated cardboard with a high recycled content or FSC certified wood. 

They use only regenerative raw materials for the production of the scratching furniture and cat scratching trees, which can easily be returned to the dual system. So you get exceptional cat furniture and cat scratching trees, which are not only visually convincing, but also a cat toy in harmony with nature.

The Tierheim Berlin and the Tierschutzverein Berlin-Brandenburg give cat-on products the title "highly recommended".

€25.95  plus shipping. Get 15% off with this code: 'Magnificats'

The Magnificats' View

This is the smallest of the three Cat-It scratchers we've reviewed and would be best suited to smaller cats. Norman loved it and it suited him perfectly.

Hand-made with the same care and materials as the larger scratchers, the product can be personalised with your cat's name.

The quality is self-evident. We like it!

Cat-It 'Le Ver S' scratcher review

Kitangle Slope Style Litter Box

Kitty Litter Box with Sloping Roof

Kitangle products are sensible, sturdy, and stylish. They are truly the modern litter boxes you have been waiting for. Kitangle litter boxes are designed for the pet owner seeking unmatched functionality with style and a modern color palette. Kitangle litter boxes are proudly made in the USA!

Kitangle boxes are high sided purposely for more effective urine containment. High sides are a specific and desired design feature that helps large cats, "leg-lifting" cats, and gericats with mobility issues. There is less odor in your home related to the modern design of the boxes. No more leakage from connecting parts and no more urination over the sides of the box. These design features combined with use of a scoopable litter all help with easier cleaning of the boxes and a better smelling home overall.

Kitangle products were designed to be in plain view within your home, and, to NOT look like a litter box. They match with modern bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even multipurpose spaces for those living in a condo or small apartment. Kitangle boxes are designed to fit into small spaces, into corners, and along walls nicely despite being larger boxes. 

Simply put, you get great style for your home along with a high quality, easy to use litter box for your pet.

Lastly, most cats enjoy privacy in the litter box and they want to be out of sight. But, if your cat prefers a more open environment, the lid is totally optional. Our unique design feature allows you to lift the top off if desired.

Actual weight 15 lbs. Freight weight 17 lbs. Dimensions: 20.38 x 14.75(lid width)/13.87(base width) x 19.25 inches

Price: £124.88 + shipping from the USA.

UK and EU CUSTOMERS use code GB15OFF for a $15 (£11.23 /  € 12.80)  discount!

The Magnificats' View

This is the second of Kitangle's litter boxes we've reviewed. We love them. Designed not to look like litter boxes they are robust, great looking (and this purple one is decidedly funky) and utterly practical. 

Prince nabbed this one but Norman was hot on his tail. This is definitely a keeper and its build quality means I suspect it will be a feature of The Magnificats' lives for many years to come.

Don't forget to check-out the Kitangle Etsy shop by clicking on the button above.

the kitangle sloping-style litter box

CacaoPets cardboard carriage

A Cardboard Carriage from Bulgaria. Fit For Princess Pixie.

Carriage Cardboard Cat House – a cat furniture for a true aristo-cat. Your kitty might pretend to be a regular, cute, fluffy pet but there’s blue blood coursing through its veins! The royal heritage of our feline friends is evident in the way they move, the way they look at us and the way they treat us when we do something that annoys them. So bow to the Kitty King and show your loyalty by offering him the Carriage Cardboard Cat House. 

This sophisticated toy-carriage will transport you and your cat straight into a fairy tale. And what a wonderful fairy tale it will be! Just imagine your proud feline monarch touring its territories in the carriage and graciously waving to all the subjects gathered on the way. Just picture all the exciting adventures, elaborate feasts and historic moments you get to experience as part of the royal entourage! We wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a real dragon somewhere on the way! Now, that’s a perk that rarely comes with a pet toy.

- True Aristo-Catic unique design;
– Eco-friendly, no glue, Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable;
– Instantly attracts your cat;
– Strong enough (made from 4 mm (5/32 in) corrugated cardboard, the favorite material of your cat);
– Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue;
– Easy to assembly, equipped with a nice visual instruction included in the shipping pack;
– Easy to disassemble to save some space when it is necessary;

Carriage Cardboard Cat House is designed to be assembled by you. It decreases the shipping cost and makes it more environmentally friendly. The size of the shipping pack is 600 x 600 x 40 mm (23 5/8 x 23 5/8 x 1 37/64 in). When the product is delivered you should find out the user manual and following the instructions, to assembly the final product. All necessary panels are included in the order pack. You will need only a screwdriver and time to get some fun! 

You can always paint our products if the current color does not appeal to you. The best option would be to use acrylic based spray paint. Make sure to test the paint on a different piece of cardboard before painting the product, and do it outside to avoid unnecessary cleaning.

Price: £34.86 plus shipping from Bulgaria.

The Magnificats' View

This cardboard cut-out carriage attracted loads of very positive comments on our loive video.

It arrived very well packaged (flat-packed) with excellent instructions and no parts missing. It makes me wonder how Sasha managed to put one side together upside-down. But she did a great job and had the whole thing assembled in 20 minutes.

But did the cats like it? It's a cardboard box,  of course the liked it. And it's a cleverly-designed, fun to assemble, solidly built carriage to-boot.

Claimed immediately by Ugs. But Norman makes a great coachman on the roof.

cacao pets cardboard carriage review

Kitangle Corner Kitty Litter Box

A covered kitty litter box with an angle

Kitangle products are sensible, sturdy, and stylish. Our products are proudly made in the USA! They are truly the modern litter boxes you have been waiting for. Kitangle litter boxes are designed for the pet owner seeking unmatched functionality with style and a modern color palette. 

Kitangle products were designed to be in plain view within your home. They were also designed to fit into small spaces, into corners and along walls nicely despite being larger boxes. Heavy duty polypropylene plastic litter box with UV protection. This particular model fits nicely into a corner. 6-inch entrance height allows for an easy entry for gericats and kittens alike. High sides for better urine containment. No connections where urine can hide and dry for better odor control. Lid removes with ease for cleaning and scooping out used litter.

Actual weight 9.09 lbs. Freight weight 11.36 lbs. Dimensions: 17.75 in x 25 in x 16.5 in

Price: £73.51 plus shipping

UK and EU CUSTOMERS use code GB15OFF for a $15 (£11.23 /  € 12.80)  discount! 

Ready to ship in 3–5 business days from United States

The Magnificats' View

An elegant solution to a problem so many cat owners face.

Litter boxes, by and large, are not pretty; they look like litter boxes. The tend to be open, subject to spillage and awkward to position in the home.

This litter box (in a very durable material - it feels indestructible) is big enough even for Prince. But with its right-angled rear it fits snugly into the corner of a room keeping it out of the way. There are other colours available, too.

We'll let you know how we get on but what's not to like. Clever.

See our live video review, below.

the kitangle covered litter box

lola and daisy two-bowl raised cat feeder

Hand made raised cate feeder from Scotland

Lola and Daisy is a small family business making practical wood products with a twist.

Their inspiration comes from a love of great design and experimenting with wood. They enjoy combining materials which ensure durability and style.

Lola and Daisy say: "We look at what we use day to day. We then think and muse as to how we can improve it, have a cup of tea, then make it - all here in our workshop in beautiful Perth and Kinross."

They currently produce a growing range of Raised Pet Feeders, Log Carriers and Herb Planters.

We'll be reviewing a few Lola and Daisy products over the coming weeks.

The model shown is in lime green.

Available in a wide range of finishes  From £41.95 plus shipping.

The Magnificats' View

See our live video review from 10PM UK tonight.

live lola and daisy 2 bowl raised feeder review

catit shorthair grooming kit

Catit Shorthair Grooming kit

Satisfies the specific needs of a shorthaired cat’s coat

  • Contains every tool for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb, and curved nail clipper
  • The canister’s lid is a handy temporary container for loose cat hair
  • The tools are stored upright, which protects the brush pins
  • Grooming reduces the amount of shedding and is quality time spent with your cat
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials

Price: £25.00 with free shipping.

The Magnificats' View

Very well made, carefully chosen tools to make grooming short- (and long-) haired cats simple and pleasurable.

If you, unlike us, have cats who are prepared to sit still for 10 minutes to groom them this kit gives you everything you need even down to a pair of claw-clippers which have been designed for maximum safety.

We like the idea of using the bucket (which neatly covers the kit for storage) for holding the fistfuls of fur you remove from your happy/unmoved/furious cat.

It's a great idea to have these in kit-form. Good value!

See the video below to find out how we got on...



Mini Flower Fountain

1,5 L Drinking bowl for fresh water

  • Compact 50.7 fl oz / 1,5 L reservoir
  • Easily accessible to kittens and small cats
  • 3 water flow settings encourage your cat to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases
  • Includes dual action filter pad
  • Low-voltage pump
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials


The Mini Flower Fountain is perfect for cat owners who don’t want to refill the water bowl every day.

The fountain is easily accessible to kittens and small cats.

No worries if your cat is a picky drinker!

Thirsty cats crave fresh, flowing water. The Catit Mini Flower Fountain has 3 different settings: a gentle water flow, a bubbling top or calm streams.

For your cat's health

Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health as it helps ensure proper kidney function and helps prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary tract diseases.

The Mini Flower Fountain is easy to disassemble and clean

Every component can be cleaned with water and natural soap. Always make sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Price: £20.00  (limited time offer) .

FREE shipping.

FREE replacement 3 pack of Mini Fountain Filters (worth £4.99) when you buy the Catit Mini Flower Fountain.

The Magnificats' View

We love Catit products. Clean, well designed and very reasonably priced. We currently have 2 flower fountains running in the kitchen and The Magnificats drink from them all day. The 'Mini' - not entirely surprisingly - is a bit smaller than the regular flower fountain and hold about 1.5 litres of water. It's Pixie-sized.

You've got to keep your cats well hydrated to keep their kidneys healthy and remember summer is just around the corner on our side of the world.

The '3 free filters' offer is a good one as it's important to change them reguarly. For tweny quid you can't really go wrong.

Have a look at the video, below. 

the catit flower fountain mini

CatIt 'Vesper Minou'

Catit Vesper Minou High Quality Bench Scratcher and Hideout

  • Cozy hideout with two entrances, so your cat won’t feel cornered
  • High-quality MDF with oak-look laminate finish
  • Helps protect furniture from claw damage
  • Comfortable memory-foam cushion
  • Replaceable sisal scratching mat


Meet Minou, Catit’s stylish bench scratcher and hideout in one. Your cat will love taking long, relaxing naps inside, and sharpening its claws on the rounded sisal exterior.

This adorable piece of furniture is named after one
of the world‘s most popular cat names, as a tribute to every loving
cat owner out there.

Cute and Compact

Thanks to the compact design and neutral oak-look laminate finish, the Vesper Minou fits every interior.

Sisal scratching mat

The scratching mat allows your cat to scratch to its heart’s delight without destroying the home furniture.

Memory-foam cushions

The memory-foam inside the soft cushions molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing your beloved feline with extra comfort.

 Price: £49.99 with free shipping. 

The Magnificats' View

Well. Our live review of this cute little hidey-hole for cats was done completely 'blind'. I'd seen a photo on the Catit website but that was it. We unboxed live.

A feint air of panic spread over me as I extracted more and more 'flat-pack' self-assembly parts. How was I going to assemble this while chatting to our audience and following instructions? I wasn't - so Sasha took over.

It tooke her 22 minutes and she didn't read the instructions. Well done, Sasha. And it's really quite nice.

It's cleverly designed and the parts are well manufactured. Materials are good and the Minou locks together into a very solid unit. And it certainly feels like pretty good value at £49.99.

Due to a predictable lack of cats (Prince was hiding upstairs) we don't know what they think of it.My guess is that it will be a hit. It certainly looks nice sat in our sitting room.

I like the stylised cat ears over the doors and the sisal mat and cushion finish it very nicely.

Well done, Vesper and Catit. You can see our review film below.

the catit vesper minou

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