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Cosy and dozy CHILL cat shelf

Funky wall-mounted Chill Shelf

All cats love to chill; it’s in their nature and this CHILL cat bed is sure to be adored by your feline fur-baby. 

Making the most of the fact that cats like to be off the floor and perched up high so they can survey their kingdom, our CHILL shelf makes the most of the vertical space in your home. Expertly crafted and with every possible design element in-built, this is so much more than a standard cat bed. To add to kitty’s comfort, it also comes complete with a detachable cushion.

Hand-made in Poland, the 'Chill' is available in maple, walnut and wenge. 

Fully washable cushion available in a range of colours.

£84.37 + Shipping - Quote THEMAGNIFICATS code for a 10% discount until 30th April 2018.

The Magnificats' View


This is human-quality furniture with very clever design touches. The materials (very high-quality maple wood, cast brackets and the cushion fabric) go far beyond what you might reasonably expect for pet furniture.

We loved the clever press-studs to keep the (washable) cushion in place  and clever touches like the brackets being 16" apart so the shelf can be mounted on wall studs.

Polish design manufacture at its best!

And Norman loves it. Not often he nabs a product, but this is it. We love it!

Cosy and dozy chill cat shelf

Pidan studio - triangular cat hammock

Triangular cat bed / hammock / basket

Pidan Studio was founded in Paris. With cats in mind, their products not only meet the aesthetic expectation of cat owners but also provide a user-friendly experience for cats. Inspired by many great minds of modern design, the concept of Pidan Studio is minimal but not simple. Their products can blend easily into any modern homes and the product itself becomes a cool addition to your home.

  • Designed in Paris by Pidan Studio
  • The more simple, the more timeless
  • The minimalist triangular shape, stable and beautiful, could be integrated in various domestic environments
  • Made of high quality beech. Using chenille velvet to provide your cat a gentle care

£39.71 + FREE UK delivery 

The Magnificats' View

Simple, clean and clever.

This nicely-finished cat hammock has been a hit with Prince. Prince is a large cat with an enormous bottom but the Pidan Studio cat hammock was strong and stable enough for Steven to carry him around in. Probably best to note that the hammock isn't supposed to be used as a cat carrier ;).

Good quality beech legs (nicely finished) and chenille velvet base is smooth, lustrous and green. Are there other colours available?

We really like the unobtrusive, minimalist design and at less than £40 (with free shipping to the UK), very good value.


Please note: we are not paid to review products. All items for review are provided to The Magnificats free of charge for review and promotional purposes. 

pidan studio cat hammock review


Wicker cat basket with cushions

Hand-made in Poland, using willow, this wicker bed makes a comfortable space for your cat and an attractive decoration for you home.

diameter: 50 cm
height : 43 cm

entrance size:
width: 21 cm
height: 18 cm

Pillows also available in beige or brown.

£40.87+ plus shipping

The Magnificats' View

Well, it's not often we find ourselves saying 'this is under-priced; I'd expect to pay double', but that's exactly what we've found.

This is a very solid, carefully constructed two-tier cat bed. 

I think you'd have to describe wicker as timeless - it's always been around, unaffected by changing fashion. It would blend quite elegantly into any environment - a bit like cats.

Someone pointed out that it would also work well outside on a 'catio' - we agree.

In terms of value for money we think this is a top choice. We like it!

Please note: we are not paid to review products. All items for review are provided to The Magnificats free of charge for review and promotional purposes. 

iloli handmade wicker cat basket

TheCreativeWarrior -cat tunnel

Decorative Crinkle HideAway Cat Tunnel

Handmade item

Materials: wood, stain, paint

Made to order in Checotah, OK, USA 

Decorative Crinkle HideAway Cat Tunnels allow your cats a discrete place to play that still fits in with your decor. Decorative Crinkle HideAway Cat Tunnels come in a variety of colors to match your décor. Customize yours today! Pets will love playing in this tunnel; running back and forth, exploring, and having their own hiding place that crinkles.

Dimensions: 25L x 10W x 10H 


Plus shipping

The Magnificats' View

It's heavy!

Hand made with a rustic feel, this cat tunnel is certainly going to last  - it weighs about 22 pounds. It feels like you're getting something for your money.

The tunnel is available in a range of finishes to order. It came very well packaged (took 5 mins to unwrap) and we were greeted to a a wonderful woody aroma as we opened the box. Nice.

We received a bag of assorted cat toys with the tunnel (nice touch, Alexandria). It might be fun for the cats to attach some to the tunnel as shown in the photo on the left.

Norman was straight inside. Prince, as ever, has made it his own. I think the cats are going to use this a lot. We like it. 

The Creative Warrior cat tunnel review

Felted Feelings Cat Cave

Stunning hand-made cat cave

Each of these beautifully crafted cat caves is hand-made to order by Renata Kijevich in Lithuania. Each is one of a kind with a wide range of base colours available.

Renata has been making cat caves since 2012. She experimented with shapes and different kinds of wool, and finally came to the best result. 

The beds are stable, comfortable, durable and make a nice piece of interior furniture; a warm and comfortable bed for loved cats. 

Available to order now

Price: £70.30 plus shipping

Available to ship in 3-5 business days

The Magnificats' View

This is so warm! Fantastic materials,amazing workmanship and a really funky shape. 

Prince is enormous and fits inside here easily. It swallows Norman whole. Definitely one to have in the home in the winter months. We love it!

See below for our live review.

PetValley Cat Scratcher Lounger

Italian Cat Scratcher

Why does your cat need a scratcher?

A scratcher is an essential accessory for your cat, because scratching is a primary need for all cats. 

This cardboard scratcher provides an ideal, easy-to-use surface for strengthening claws, sleeping, exercising and stimulating the imagination and creativity of your cat as he plays.  The scratcher's elegant and modern design fits in perfectly with all home furnishings.  

Benefits for your cat. Benefits for you.

You can't stop a cat scratching. It's his only way of keeping his claws perfectly healthy and sharp. If you don't give him somewhere to scratch, he'll only choose another piece of furniture to claw on. Cats love cardboard, so it's better for you and better for him.  

Why cardboard?

Our scratcher is made of extremely durable and strong corrugated cardboard, a material of great visual impact and highly appreciated by cats, which, as everyone knows, are prone to jumping in a cardboard box just as soon as they see one. This makes the cardboard scratcher a great alternative to rope-bound and wooden scratchers.  


Our scratcher is made exclusively of corrugated cardboard, almost entirely recycled and 100% recyclable, so eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly. As much as 80% of the fibre used for the corrugated cardboard comes from recycled material.  


The lifespan of the cardboard scratcher may vary depending on use and number of cats and their habits, though its extremely high quality and durability and its nearly 300 sheets of paperboard guarantee it lasts longer than other products.  

Minimal littering.  

The cardboard scratcher is incredibly resistant and durable, and leaves behind very little litter. However, the more litter there is, the more your cat is enjoying it, and the less he'll be ruining your home furniture.

  • Made in Italy: Scratcher in corrugated cardboard, designed and made in Italy. With an all-Italian design and natural colours, it fits in perfectly with home furnishings, thanks also to its compact size (70 x 26 x 26 cm).
  • Eco-friendly: Made almost entirely from recycled cardboard and non-toxic, odourless glue, it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
  • Loved by cats: Let your cat go wild, scratching and strengthening his claws. Plus it's also a comfy couch, cradle and bed.
  • Long-lasting: The PetValley® scratcher is made from robust cardboard, so your cat will only scratch through the outermost surface.
  • Lasts twice as long: Thanks to its unique shape, it can be turned over and reused on the other side, as well as providing enough space for 2 or more large adult cats.

Price: £55.27 (£49.74 with the Magnificats discount code for the Kraft scratcher only).

10% discout code:  MAG7CATS

The Magnificats' View

Live video review Weds 28th February 2018.

petvalley cat scratcher live review

Klik Klak Blocks cat swing

Birch wood cat swing / cradle

High quality wood swing. Perfect bed for cats! 

Made of birch plywood, the wooden basket is the  perfect place for any pampered kitt to get some shut-eye.

A wonderful gift for your cat - and their  owner!

Height: 21.6 inches (550mm)
Length: 22 inches (560mm)
Width: 20.9 inches (530mm)

A completely new and unique designed by Klik Klak Blocks of Latvia. 

The set contains a wood swing frame and a wood bed - it is possible to use the wood bed for cats separately eg. to place it on the floor or you can attach it to the swing frame.

Pre-assembled and ready to use.

A wonderful cat hammock and a cat cradle!

The product is weight tested.

£161.57 + Shipping. Quote MAGNIFICATS for a 10% discount.

The Magnificats' View

We totally love this!

Norman nabbed it. Then Prince tried to claim it and wished he hadn't been so cocky (see video) and then Tom - who hates reviews madeit his happy, swingy home. This cat swing is SO much fun.

Even the external packaging was prepared with loving attention. Delicately designed yet solidly built, the lovely birchwood swing will last a lifetime. Our only problem will be removing Tom who fell asleep, happily swinging.

There's nothing wedon't like about this. Well done, Klilk Klak Block!

Klik klak Block Cat Swing Live Review. Funny.

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