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qui se demarque - cat bed

Hippy trippy cat bed in Woodstock jeans

A comfortable bed for cats. Micius Series, Woodstock Soft Collection. Non-toxic, washable and really comfortable.  

Designed just for pets. 

Cats love Qui se demarque beds!

Non-toxic and anti-mild Italian padding, outside in jeans interspersed with partly embroidered Hippie fabric, blue squared cord on the perimeter, velvet interior, green fleece bottom with insulating lining, super padded cushions. Washable with hot water.

Exterior: approximately 70x60 cm, interior 42x54 cm approx. Extensible, height 27 cm approx. 

This model was designed and produced exclusively for The Magnificats by Cristina & Giordana Delfini, but it is reproducible and customizable to order in  various sizes.

£100.29 plus shipping (only £85.20 with The Magnificats code).

Mention MAGNIFICATS when ordering to receive a 15% discount.

The Magnificats' view

Detail, detail, detail!

You know when you can just tell that  someone is a master of their craft? Well this stunning cat bed proves that Cristina and Giordana Delfini of Qui se Demarque who designed and made it are at the top of their game.

The attention to detail from the  cord around the top to the green velvet interior is self-evident. The finish is exquisite. The fabrics are high quality and the quirky contrast of denim and hippy print panels are certainly redolent of the summer of love  and  Woodstock from which the range takes its name.

Each bed is hand-made and unique.

Exceptional quality. I'm not sure how they do it for the price. Another keeper for the Mags!

Qui se demarque micius catbed review


A Teepee for Pee Pee

Gray dot teepee tent

Dreaming of a Nordic-inspired dog house for your little furry one?
This Dog&Teepee tent is perfect for any interior! Just put it together and your cat will make himself comfortable inside in just a few seconds.
The tent is made of high-quality materials and comes with easy to assemble directions.
Handcrafted with love.

Complete set:
1. Natural wood frame (white finish)
2. Cover made of heavy-weight premium fabric.
3. Cushion filled with eco-friendly fiber.
4. Assembly instructions

$79 (Standard size. Larger sizes available)

Quote code: MAGNIFICATS for a 15% discount!

The Magnificats' view

Lovely fabric teepee tent. Quick and easy to assemble (you'll need a screwdriver). Nice fabrics which look pretty hard-wearing. Plump cushion which - obviously - Prince immediately nabbed.

Perfect for cats who like a hiding place. Looking forward to seeing what Princess P thinks of it!

Dog&teepee cat teepee live review

dreaming carita - little oak prop bed

Oak bed with faux fur blanket - as stolen by Prince!

Beautiful fully handmade newborn baby photo prop bed, made of real wood. Perfect for newborn photography.

Also making a cosy little cat or dog (caterpillar/oxen/haddock/donkey) bed.

Finishing- water based paint and lacquer (safe for babies and animals)

Measurements- 22 in long, 14 in wide, 17,5 in tall

Mattress- 2in x 19,5in x 12in

This little bed will be shipped fully assembled.

The Magnificats' view

This is one of the loveliest products we've ever had the pleasure to review. The materials (including oak from Kullike's own forest in Estonia) are exceptional. This finish is perfect - hand-crafted by Kullike's husband.  The oak feels lustrous and silky.

The faux fur blanket is snow white and perfect. Even the matress is sparkly and decorated beautifully.

There is so much love poured into these beds. Perfect.

At the time of writing Prince stolidly refuses to get off it!

US$149 + Shipping

Use code MAGS1 for a 15% discount

See our live review below.

carita dream oak bed live review

Duchess' heart king's throne cat bed

A sumptuous bed fit for Princess Pixie (& Norman, obviously)


  • Handmade in New York
  • Designed by  classically trained opera singer and fashion designer, Tanya Berman.  As a fashion Designer she made her name with her Fashion brand DESIA. Her clients include several celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and John Sahag and her designs have been admired by Donna Karen.   

The Magnificats' view

Did you know that Pixie's full name is Princess Pixie Pee Pee Persephone? With her royal roots she's used to the finer things in life and this gorgeous bed has hit the spot.

The first thing we noticed is that this product isn't made of MDF as so many are. The main structure of the bed is made of pine with a pale colourwash. This means that the grain of the wood remains visible giving is a slightly rustic look. I think shabby chic would describe it.

The fabric for the cushions looks and feels great and I imagine you could easily re-cover the cushions if you  - or your cat - felt like a change.

It's a very solid bed. It takes some minor assembly - just attaching the back part to the front part by means of 8 allen screws. There's a key provided in its own little bag.

The materials are good, construction is solid and the mouldings and fabric combine to elevate a lovely piece of rustic furniture to true kitty bling fit for Pixie herself.

We like it!

See below for our live review.

duchess' heart king's throne live review

ball and string custom 'howler' cat bed

Custom built for Rockstars

The Howler is contructed from Plywood, then wrapped in a Tolex vinyl just like a real Rock & Roll amplifier making these cool cat beds incredibly durable.

Steel corner protectors and rubber carrying handle as used in genuine guitar amplifiers complete the Howler for that authentic road ready look! 

Inside, a plump cushion is included  along with removable side pads for the highest comfort and style. These are designed to be replaceable so should your beast of rock fancy a change of decor, it's super easy to comply! 

Spare cushion sets are available separately so you can update at your convenience. 

Each Howler is designed and handmade in the UK.

Quote code MAGNIFI for a 10% Magnificats discount.

The Magnificats view...

Just finished our live review and we love it. The build quality is exceptional; it feels just like a guitar amp to handle.

Surprisingly, both Pixie and Prince preferred to climb in through the front and look over the ledge at the back. Idiot cats.

Congrats to Dave from Ball & String who designed this. He's a cat person who seriously knows what he's doing with product design.

See the live review in the window below.

Rock ON!

Howler custom cat bed amplifier - live review

DDplusDesign designer pet bed

Stunning hi-tech cat bed and cushion from DDplusDesign

Norman and Pixie loved it!

Hi-tech, recycled plastic cat bed suitable for cats and small dogs. Scratch and bite-proof, easy to clean and the cushion is fully machine washable.

Steven generally hates plastic stuff but loves this.

This is a keeper for The Magnificats!Hit the button to  visit the DDplusDesign on-line shop.

DDplusDesign designer pet bed - live review

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